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HKS Racing Suction Cold Air Intake Full Kit with AFR - Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

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Specifications and Features:

  • Improve Air Intake System Efficiency to the Limits
  • Provides a Distinctive Sporty Intake Sound
  • Heat Shield Helps a Deflect Hot Air Coming from Engine
  • AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio Regulator) Corrects Sensor Readings and Prevents CEL


  • Vehicle Specific Suction Pipe Design. Angle and Length of Pipe Enhance the Induction Efficiency
  • Stock Suction System, Induction Air Hit to Corrugated Portion of Hose and Makes Swirl and Resistance. Specifically Designed Pipe Reduces Corrugated Portion and Gap Inside Pipe to Make Air Flow Smoother

Frame Support:

  • Fits Flexibly to Aluminium Back Plate, Securely Fixes Hyper Stealth Frame. Serves as a Guide for Attaching the Filter to the Hemispherical Surface, Improving Maintainability such as Filter Replacement

Racing Suction Adopted Wet Two-Layer Type:

  • The Filter Element is a Wet 2-Layer Polyurethane Form Impregnated with a Special High Viscosity Adhesive
  • Filter Porosity is Designed as Large as Possible to Provide High Air Intake Flow Efficiency without Sacrificing Filtration Ability

Super Inner Frame:

  • Cross Section of the Inner Frame is Streamlined with 16 Frames Parabolic-ally Placed Towards the Centre
  • Simple Lightweight Frame Design Provides Smoother Air Flow

Super Lip Funnel:

  • Defining Feature of HKS Intake "Super Lip Funnel"
  • Super Lip Funnel Maximises Air Intake Surface Area in the Limited Space in the Engine Bay and Optimises Air Intake Efficiency


  • HKS Racing Suction Cold Air Intake Kit
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation Instruction


  • Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

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