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Invidia Complete Combination Exhaust Catback System (Q300 + Catted Front Pipe + UEL Headers) - Toyota 86 ZN6/Subaru BRZ ZC6

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Specifications and Features:

  • Invidia's Q300 Exhaust ensures Efficient Exhaust Flow for Optimum Engine Performance
  • Invidia's Q300 Exhaust Provides a Rich Exhaust Tone for your Car
  • Invidia Catted Front Pipe Helps give Maximum Air Flow
  • PSR Unequal Length Headers & OP gives it a "Boxer Rumble" Engine Sound
  • PSR Unequal Length Headers gives your 86 or BRZ Significant Gains in HP & Torque after Tune
  • All Products Made with High Quality Stainless Steel with Excellent Level of Weld
  • All Products Includes all Installation Hardware Required
  • Power Increase - 17 hp
  • Torque Increase - 26 ft - lb


  • Invidia Q300 70mm Titanium Tips Cat Back Exhaust (Valued at $1390)
  • Invidia Catted Front Pipe (Valued at $800)
  • PSR Unequal Length Headers (Valued at $900)
  • PSR Overpipe
  • Invidia Lifetime Warranty on Catback Exhaust & Catted Front Pipe
  • Installation Hardware


  • 2012-2022 Toyota 86 ZN6
  • 2012-2022 Subaru BRZ ZC6

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