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SILVERS Neomax S Coilovers - Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

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Specifications and Features:

Neomax S Coilovers Specification and Features:

  • Fully Height Adjustable
  • Aluminium Lower Brackets
  • Adjustable Camber Plates (Where Applicable)
  • Front Pillowball Top Mounts (Where Applicable)
  • Carbon Steel Shock Body
  • Linear Piston Design
  • Large Hardened Steel Shafts
  • Unique Locking Collars
  • Radial Bearings
  • Front Camber Plates (If Applicable): Yes
  • Rear Camber Plates (If Applicable): Excluded. Neomax Black/Neomax R/Neomax 2-Way Only
  • Custom Spring Option: Excluded. Neomax R/Neomax 2-Way Only
  • Custom Setup: Excluded. Neomax R/Neomax 2-Way Only
  • 2-Way Adjustment: Excluded. Neomax 2-Way Only
  • External Reservoir: Excluded. Neomax 2-Way Only


  • Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

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