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Open Flash Tablet Version 2 Tuning Tablet

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Specifications and Features:

  • Compatible with a lot of Vehicles
  • Noticeable Performance Gains
  • Free Off-The-Shell (OTS) Maps Available for Various Vehicle Modifications
  • Real Time Data Display
  • High-Speed Enhanced Data-Logging/Data-Graphing
  • Full Open ROM Editing without Encryption, Locks or Obfuscation
  • Trouble Code Reading/Clearing
  • Multiple Tuning File Storage (6 including your Original ECU Tune)
  • 100% Reversible to Original Factory Tune in Minutes
  • Plug & Play
  • High Resolution Touch Screen

Custom Tunes also Available at Additional Cost.


  • Open Flash Tablet V2
  • OBD Port Cord
  • OFT Cord
  • Installation Manual


  • All Toyota 86
  • All Subaru BRZ
  • More Vehicles..

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